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Over 60 years combined experience sourcing the transportation and logistics industries.

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With 60 years of combined industry experience as transportation & logistics recruiters, we know what you need and we speak your language!

Pinpoint Placements

We tailor searches to the specific needs of our clients, analyzing the characteristics of every position to ensure a Pinpoint Placement for your organization.

Our Process

From deep channel sourcing to a proprietary database, we match candidates to employers to create an immediate impact!
Satisfied Employers. Placed Job Seekers. We Get Transportation and Logistics Recruiting.
“Crabtree & Eller brought their International & Domestic industry knowledge to find the perfect hire. They have the resources and contacts to make this happen. We don’t have time for someone to go through hundreds of resumes to find a few qualified candidates, it we are lucky. Then we have to schedule initial and then final interviews. We would rather use the time and money on our core business.”
Ron C

International Freight Forwarding Company

Crabtree & Eller brought industry knowledge to find us the perfect hire for a difficult job to fill. Her productivity has brought in a lot of money and saved us a lot of time we used elsewhere.
Jay P

Air Freight Forwarding Company

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