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60 Years

Combined Experience. Deep Industry Knowledge.

The Crabtree & Eller recruiter team has some very experienced sales and transportation / logistics professionals that drive the success of this quality transportation recruiting company. We have over 85 years of combined experience in sales and sales management; and over 55 yrs of management experience with a Fortune 500 Global Transportation Company in operations, sales, and labor relations.

Year of Global Supply Chain / Logistics Experience

We have “Big 5” consulting experience in global supply chain and logistics, distribution optimization, process improvement, software evaluation, overseas management experience and 3PL.

We can truly say “We’ve been there and done that” when it comes to transportation and logistics. Our prior job experiences have taught us the importance of professionalism, quality and communication. Our in the trenches experience in sales and operations is a rare commodity in the recruiting field.

Steve Eller

Steve is very adept in the areas of sales, operations, hiring management in both operations and sales, warehousing, distribution, international and domestic. This includes railroad and transit operations and sales as well.

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Mark Crabtree

Mark the experience necessary to identify the right talent for the right position whether in Transportation or Logisitcs.

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