A freight Manager manages the fast and efficient flow of goods from the shipper to the receiver. This job is also known as a Logistics Manager. The products he ships is from documents, to consumable and non-consumable goods. This job provides the vital service when people or companies want to send or receive products from a distance, no matter the distance between them.

Duties of a Freight Manager

  • He needs extensive knowledge on all modes of transportation such as trucking, air, ocean or rail.
  • He needs the latest update on the whereabouts of the goods needed for delivery. If there are delays, he needs to ensure the receiver and sender are updated. He can also boost customer service by solving the delay issues.
  • He needs to know exactly the schedule of shipments on a daily basis, the number of goods to be delivered, the delivery modes used, and the warehouse used for overnight transfers essential in international shipping.
  • He also needs to work with other departments of the company such as sales and marketing to be advised of the availability of products and services, back orders, shortages and customer requests.

Work Environment of a Freight Manager

He is stationed at a freight forwarder’s office. Sometimes a 24-hour operation is needed. Shift schedules may happen and can involve long hours of work.

This job demands the Freight Manager to be organized, resourceful and motivated. He has to promote close teamwork he supervises to guarantee that schedules are met or even done ahead of schedule. He also needs to have a great customer service skill and be an exceptional manager who can think on his feet and can decide on his own.

Educational Requirements of a Freight Manager

You need a BA degree in business management, logistics or a other related course. You need quite a number of years from an entry level position to the management position. It would be helpful to get a Master’s Degree if you want to climb the corporate ladder. Another thing he can do is get a lot of training and go to seminars.

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