It’s imperative that Transportation or Recruitment firms have a top talent attracting process to use. Hiring top talent will not only be an added competitive edge for you, but it will also help your productivity, cost, time, and efficiency.

We offer three reasons why your transportation or logistics company should use us, Crabtree & Eller, LLC for your recruiting firm.

  1. Time spent: You probably already know that doing the search part of the recruitment is very time consuming. Then you try to set up a phone interview or maybe two. Next comes the in-person initial interview and most of the time a second interview by the final decision maker. From the time you start the interview process to the time that candidate is hired averages 50 days (per the Society for Human Resource Management). You are pulling people in HR, if you have one, from the hiring process to the recruitment process. Your costs increase that can lead to a decrease in profits.  By hiring Transportation or Logistics Recruiters to find “top-of-the-mark” candidates you will enable those employees involved with recruitment to do their actual jobs.
  2. Cost: Inbound Logistics is a magazine and news source for the Industry. They claim a wrong hire can cost a Transportation or Logistics company up to $250,000 per year. If you assume the recruiter charges $30,000 your gain in return on investment of over 800 percent versus losing $250,000! A supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation recruiter like Crabtree & Eller doesn’t come close to charging a $30,000 fee. We also can reduce your long-term costs and either supplement your HR process or if you currently don’t have HR for this function, we can do 100% of the recruitment process.
  3. Expertise: Many recruiting firms are generalists in that they handle recruiting candidates for at large jobs such as engineering, transportation, medical etc. There is no way these types of recruiters can be expert in all the industries they recruit for. At Crabtree & Eller we are an expert in Transportation and Logistics. That’s where we came from and that’s all we do.

At Crabtree & Eller we recruit specifically in Transportation and Logistics and focus on a high level of service in the areas of Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Logistics, Trucking and Rail.  If you have hiring needs, we can help.  Give me a call at 303-814-5878 or email me at