Top 5 things that Transportation / Logistics  job candidates Want

  • Communicate with job seekers and future job seekers – 58% (nearly 3 of 5) want the company and/or recruiter to clearly and regularly communicate with them during the application and hiring process, per glass door. I’d say overall this isn’t done on a routine or regular basis. As your recruiter you can rest easy that we do communicate with the candidate regularly and clearly. However, the information flow & timeliness from the client needs improvement in a lot of instances.
  • More than half (53%), per a glass door survey, want a company to set forth clear goals for them so that they could prepare for them.
  • Getting feedback from the company was important to 51%, even if they were not successful candidates.
  • Some 45% said that companies need to clearly explain the interview process. When you use us as your transportation or logistics recruiter we will cover this.
  • Four out of ten (43%), per a Glass Door survey, said they want a simple and efficient online job process.

All the candidates really want is for companies and recruiters to improve their candidate experience. You have to wonder why so many companies & recruiters still fail to do it.

Top 5 things that make Transportation/Logistics applicants give up

  • Some 44% said if a Transportation / Logistics company was announcing layoffs that would be a critical factor.
  • Four out of 10 (40%) said a poor interaction with a recruiter or another hiring manager would driver them away.
  • Some 35% said that reading negative reviews from employees would make them pull out of the hiring process.
  • One-third (33%) of candidates said they would be troubled if they heard about employee or leadership scandals.
  • Three in 10 (32%) said they would be put off if they heard negative news coverage.

  While recruiters have a challenge with coordinating multiple interviews plus ensuring each candidate receives the necessary information to properly evaluate an opportunity. Job seekers want to understand the total compensation package, including pay and benefits. They feel that this is absolutely invaluable to evaluate a job opportunity. 

How Long the Interview Process Should Take

  • 82% of seekers and would-be job seekers said that want the entire interview process to take less than a month, per a Glass Door survey.
  • Another two in five (40%) had a higher standard. They wanted the interviewing stage to take less than a week.

In a study done in 2017 glass door found that the interview process on average took 23.8 days. The fastest interview processes take a minimum of 8 days.

In summary, it really is straight-forward fact what candidates want.  

  • Job candidates want consistent and timely communications throughout the hiring process and clear expectations from the start.
  • They also want straight talk from the transportation / Logistics company or recruiter that is pointed and doesn’t seem like a waste of time. This includes getting respectfully rejected, if that happens, in a timely & courteous manner.
  • When they are in the interview stage, they want it to move along rapidly with it being done no later than a month.

None of this is tricky or hard to do. Why do companies and/or   recruiters make it that way? As your Transportation/Logistics recruiting firm, I can guarantee we adhere to these items.

With unemployment hitting historic lows, it is a great time to be a Transportation and Logistics Recruiter because my clients are relying on us to source hard to find quality talent like never before!\

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