Increased Hiring in the Transportation and Logistics Sectors

I just read a very interesting JOC article confirming what I already knew about increased hiring in the Transportation and Logistics sectors.  You can find the article here:  If you are not a “Member” of, I think it is as simple as registering with an email and password (I have gotten good information from them for years and don’t ever remember paying a subscription for the online service)  As a recruiter in these sectors, this article is great to see.

 “US transportation hiring binge underscores economic confidence”

My partner and I (Me being the Crabtree part and he being the Eller part) will never forget the “great recession of 2008” and the hiring ramifications thru about late 2011 (for us anyway).  It’s a bad time when your clients are laying people off; the last person they want to hear from is their Headhunter!!

Transportation and Logistics Hiring Recent Statistics

Here are a few highlights from the article:

  • “Transportation and Warehousing companies added 24,000 jobs to their payrolls in September, the US Labor Department announced Friday. Strong job gains by Warehousing and Courier Companies suggest e-Commerce retailers are preparing for substantial online business and are laying the groundwork needed to process and fulfill the orders they expect to stream in from November through January.”
  • “Since July, Transportation and Warehousing firms tracked by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics have added 45,100 jobs, bringing their total to 5.376 million. The Sector, which includes trucking, rail, aviation, couriers and warehousing, added nearly 174,000 jobs in the last 12 months.”
  • “Even railroads, which cut payroll substantially following a recent peak of 248,100 jobs in April 2016, are adding jobs year over year as well as month to month, the BLS data showed…..”

And it goes on and on with enough stats and numbers to make you cross-eyed.

The Importance of E-Commerce in Transportation and Logistics Hiring

One of the things the article touches on a couple times is the “E-Commerce” component and how it is effecting transportation.  In Transportation and Logistics recruiting, this is becoming a big deal.  Just in the last three weeks, I have pick up three new recruiting files, 2 of which have mandatory “significant experience in “E-Commerce” business development” and the third listed “E-Commerce final mile operations experience” as highly desirable.

With unemployment hitting historic lows, it is a great time to be a Transportation and Logistics Recruiter because my clients are relying on us to source hard to find quality talent like never before!

At Crabtree & Eller we recruit specifically in Transportation and Logistics and focus on a high level of service in the areas of Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Logistics, Trucking and Rail.  If you have hiring needs we can help.  Give me a call at 303-278-2001 or email me at .