Finding the right hire for a logistics company often easier said than done. There are many items that go into hiring a logistics candidate.

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Internal company recruiting takes two main things from a manager: extensive TIME and Money.

When Outsourcing Logistics Recruiting, you Save Time

Forbes Magazine reported on average a singular job posting attracts about 119 candidates. Sifting through these 119 resumes for just the prescreening stage of the hiring process can take, minimally, about three hours. Most hiring managers should spend extra time after pre-screening these candidates to get a better feel for each one. This is just the beginning of the time spent.

The largest chunk of time is spent interviewing the candidates.  The average job interview lasts about 40 minutes but I’ve seen them go from 1 hour to 1.5 hours. This amount of time will double to quadruple based on how many people interview the candidate. Sometimes the hiring manager does two interviews for himself. Some companies have the candidate complete on-site and you need a monitor for that. Other companies conduct the assessment test during the interview, while other companies have them do the assessment test on-line.

When adding up all the time it takes to write and post job adds, sort through resumes, prescreen, interview and actually hire the right candidate, it can take up to 128 hours to hire the right candidate. That is more than 3 weeks.

When a logistics company decides to hire a transportation / logistics recruiting firm like Crabtree & Eller, LLC, this gives back all of the time that the hiring manager would have spent on recruiting and onboarding. The hiring managers can use the “extra time” working on other important tasks for his company. Dealing with Crabtree & Eller, LLC can also cut down the amount of time it takes to find the right hire, dur to their extensive network of contacts they have built up over the years. This helps the companies to fill the open jobs in a shorter amount of time. Transportation / Logistics hiring managers no longer have to spend countless hours writing job description, advertising their job opportunity and shifting through resumes because expert recruiters at Crabtree & Eller, LLC take over these time-consuming tasks.

When Outsourcing Logistics Recruiting, you Save Money

The old saying “time equals money” applies when it comes to recruiting in transportation and logistics. The cost of a hire costs more than you would expect. Depending on how many and what kind of avenues a transportation and logistics company takes, this can cost anywhere from $50 to over $1,000. Multiple avenues can generate more than 250 applicants. Then you add up the time it takes to prescreen and interview all of the viable candidates and deliberate which candidate will be offered the job. Sifting through 250 applicants can cost over $1,000. If a company interviews four candidates for a lower level position, on average this can cost the company about $400, but for C-Level executive jobs the cost rises to more than $2,000. The if you add other necessary factors such as onboarding and training, this number rises even more. In total, that company hiring a candidate for a transportation / logistics job can cost tens of thousands of dollars. All of the above steps assume that the right person was hired. As you know, that isn’t always the case.

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