Being a transportation / logistics recruiting firm we supply candidates who can do Sales, Ops or both. We range from placing entry level to C-Level candidates.

Their experience can be in International or Domestic air or ocean freight. In operations they need to know rating, routing, international or domestic requirements for documents. International freight also can have financial instruments involved like sight drafts and letters of credit. There also is a lot more documentation required with International.

Logistics (warehousing & distribution) candidates are in big demand too. There are two basic types of job types. One is where the logistics is within their own company and they are involved with the operations side of the business. The company warehouses store incoming shipments that for the most part end up in inventory. They are outgoing shipments are normally finished goods being shipped to customers via outside carriers or the company’s own trucks to customers. The other type of job is with a 3PL who acts as a distribution center that collects various customer’s shipments at a given distribution center and then sends them out upon direction by the shipper. It can also work for inbound where the customer is the receiving party from the distribution center. Sales works on driving the business to the 3PL.

We provide Railroad Sales & Operational candidates. For the Railroad the sales involves selling Transit or Rail Carriers’ service. We also fill operations management jobs for both Transit and Railroad companies. Then on the other side we also provide candidates for Railroad vendors who sell their various products to the Railroads and Transit companies.

We provide Ocean Freight sales people to sell their carriers’ service to shippers, NVOCC’s and International Freight Forwarders. We also have placed management in key operational jobs.

For Truck Carriers and Freight Brokers we provide a lot of sales people and some operational management candidates. Freight Brokers normally have both sales & operations experience.

Crabtree & Eller, LLC is an Executive firm and headhunter focused on providing candidates and business intelligence to companies involved in Transportation and Logistics.