We have 3 general types of customers, being a Transportation / Logistics recruiting firm. (1)Transportation Companies (2)Transportation Vendors, (3) Non-Transportation Companies who have logistics. This list isn’t all encompassing but it does give you an idea.

Transportation Companies TRANSPORTATION VENDORS

  • Domestic / International Freight Forwarders Domestic Railroad vendors
  • Domestic Airlines Ocean Carrier vendors
  • Domestic Truck Lines – asset / asset light & non-asset
  • Domestic Truck Brokers – asset / asset light & non-asset
  • Domestic Railroad / Transit
  • International Ocean Carriers
  • Paratransit companies
  • Bus companies
  • Cab Companies


  • 3PL’s / 4PL’s
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Law Firms
  • Mailing Companies

Crabtree & Eller, LLC is an Executive firm and headhunter focused on providing candidates and business intelligence to companies involved in Transportation and Logistics.